Key Strategies & Activities

Structured teaching strategies, including:

  • Physical organization
  • Visual Schedules
  • Activity Systems
  • Visuals & Routines

Table-based activities that focus on:

  • Developing a meaningful and familiar routine that encourages attention, understanding, and participation
  • Promoting engagement with caregivers and materials¬†
  • Predictability
  • Promoting success for parent & child

Play-based activities that focus on:

  • Promoting generalization of skills taught at the table to multiple environments
  • Supporting learning and interaction in settings and with materials that are of interest to the child
  • Allowing families to fit in opportunities for communication and interaction across the day/home
  • Encouraging development of key nonverbal communication skills, such as joint attention

Routines-based activities that focus on:

  • Creating structure throughout the day to increase understanding and decease challenging behavior
  • Providing opportunities for families to engage with and respond to their child during daily activities