Program Goal

The Goal of FITT is:

  • To provide individualized support and training to families that focuses on:
    • how core features of autism manifest in toddlers
    • how to implement FITT strategies in the home environment in an effort to support toddler engagement


In an effort to improve the toddler’s developmental and adaptive skills, as well as improve family outcomes, such as reducing parent stress and increasing parent well-being.

We use FITT to support toddler engagement with:

  • People, especially parents and family members, to support the development of communication and social interaction skills
  • Toys/objects, to support the development of play skills, which creates opportunities for social interaction and supports many types of learning
  • Toys/objects and people together, to support the development of ‘coordinated attention’, which is the toddler’s ability to share attention between the parent and some other object or event in the immediate location